Wanem chlamydia?

Chlamydia e common something, this one e sexually transmitted infection (STI) prom ol bacteria e callem Chlamydia trachomatis.

Wiskine I kesser chlamydia?

You can kesser chlamydia ip you nor us-eh condom when you have sex lor nunu, lor din, or oral sex where somebody utha gad chlamydia.
You can’t gedder chlamydia prom ol public toilet, public pools or kasa prom hang round lor ol pipol.

Wanem chlamydia can mekem por you body?

Por man

  • Ol man can gedder chlamydia inside lor thapis, inside lor din, or lor throat.
  • Chlamydia e meker pain ah swell-up inside lor ol man ball ah e can infect tha tube that e carry ol sperm.

Por woman

• Ol Woman gedder chlamydia inside lor cervix (the inside side blor womb), inside lor din, or throat. Ip e nor treat em, chlamydia can stapper ol woman prom haver baby.
• Ol Woman gad chlamydia can sometimes passer that chlamydia por baby blor em when em born. This one can gibber baby lung or eye infection.

How I saber ip I gad chlamydia?

Thumus pipol nor saber ol gad chlamydia because ol can’t look ol signs or symptoms.

E gad quick ah easy test blor you pipi that gor spik you ip you gad chlamydia. Ah you can meke tha chlamydia test youself too.

Por man

Ol Signs ah symptoms blor chlamydia por ol man e:
• red colour or pain lor tha opening blor tha thapis
• stinging or burning feeling when you pipi
• clear bagur e come out prom thapis.

Por woman

Signs and symptoms por ol woman e:
• nuthakin bagur comeout prom nunu
• smol smol bleeding (apta sex)
• sore lor pelvic area, ah when you have sex
• stinging or burning feeling when you pipi

Wanem I have to mekem ip I gad chlamydia?

Gedder mersin prom doctor blor you.

Spik that person utha you gad sex with that you gad chlamydia ah spik thempla por gedder test.

That person you gad sex lor might gad chlamydia ah em can gibbem gor baik por you.

Ol might gor passer that chlamydia gor por nutha pipol too.
Ip you sex partner nor gor gedder chlamydia test, asker you doctor por extra chlamydia merisin por thempla.

Apta three months, you ah anybody that you be gad sex lor should gedder test por chlamydia gen.

Can e treater or cure chlamydia?

Wah . Chlamydia e easy por treat ah cure kasa prom teke one tablet.

Ip e finder chlamydia apta lor you, e gor take more long time por treat ah curer tha chlamydia.

Nor have sex por one week apta you teker you chlamydia merisin.

You can gedder chlamydia gen even ip you be already gad before.

How can I protect myself prom gedder chlamydia?

• Gedder youself ah sex partner blor you tested. Always tester youself ip you gad more than one sex partner or ip you partner have sex lor nutha pipol. Tha chance blor you por gedder chlamydia e more high ip you gad thumus sex partner.
• Gedder treatment: Asker partner blor you por gedder test ah treatment too so you two nor passem por one another or por ol nutha pipol.
• User condoms when you have sex lor nunu, lor din or oral sex.
• Tok por ol new partner blor you about user condoms before you two gor gad sex.

How I gor make sure I nor gor gibber chlamydia por someone else?

• User condoms ebri time you have sex, especially ip you gor gad sex lor new partner.
• Always tester youself ip you gad more than one sex partner or ip you partner e have sex lor nutha pipol. You can gedder chlamydia again even ip you bin gad before.

Where can I gedder help ah advice?

You can gedder help prom:
• a doctor
• a sexual health clinic
• community health service
• family planning centres

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