Wanem syphilis?

Syphilis e sexually transmitted infection (STI) prom ol bacteria e callem
Treponema pallidum.

Man an woman can gedder syphilis.

Wiskine I kesser syphilis?

You can kesser syphilis prom:
• when you touch tha sore or rash blor somebody utha gad syphilis even ip you can’t look tha sore or rash pruppa.
• when you gad oral sex, lor nunu, or lor din when you nor user condom
• when you gad contact lor infected blood
• Ol pregnant woman can passer syphilis por baby blor em.

Syphilis ah babies (congenital syphilis)

Ol pregnant woman can passer syphilis por baby through blood blor em. Sometimes, tha baby gor be born dead or damaged one. This one e called congenital syphilis ah e rare ya lor Australia.

Ol Babies e can born nor gad them symptoms blor syphilis, but ol can get mina sick.

How I sabe ip I gad syphilis?

E cant pruppa look ol symptoms blor syphilis, so ol pipol gad syphilis ol feel good ah healthy. Only a blood test gor spik por you ip you gad syphilis.

Ol woman should gedder syphilis test lor first 12 weeks blor pregnancy blor thempla or lor thempla first visit gor por thempla doctor. Some woman might gedder nutha test por syphilis later on when thempla still pregnant.

Wanem I have to mekem ip I gad syphilis?

• Nor gad sex lor anybody, even if you gor user condom, wait till apta you treatment por syphilis gor pinis.
• Ip you gad syphilis, spik tha sex partner or partners blor you so ol can gedder tested.

You doctor gor helper you decide utha you gor spik you gad syphilis ah all can help you spik por thempla.

Can e treater or cure syphilis?

• Wah, e can treater or cure syphilis lor injections. E might teker long time or short time, e depend on how long you be gad syphilis.
• Make sure you gor por ebri doctor appointment blor you
• Apta you pinis you syphilis treatment you gor have to gad nutha test to make sure ol be cure you.
• Ol woman can gad treatment por syphilis when ol first pregnant por stap tha baby prom gedder syphilis.
• You can kesser syphilis again even ip ol be cure you prom syphilis bepor

How I gor protect myself prom gedder syphilis?

• Gedder youself ah sex partners blor you tested por syphilis. Always tester youself ip you gad more than one sex partner or ip you partner e have sex lor nutha pipol. Tha chance blor you por gedder syphilis e more high ip you gor gad thumus sex partner.
• You are partner blor you gor get treatment por syphilis so you nor keep gibem por you partner or por ol nutha pipol.
• User condoms when you have sex lor nunu, lor din or oral sex. Use condom lor tha partner you be gad por long time, ah ip you gad sex lor ol nutha pipol.
• Tok por ol new partner blor you about user condoms before you gor have sex lor thempla.
• Nor have sex, even if you user condom, with somebody utha gad syphilis until thempla treatment pinis.

How I gor make sure I nor gibber syphilis por someone else?

• Nor have sex lor anybody, even if you gor user condom, wait till you treatment gor pinis.
• Always gedder test por syphilis ip you gad more than one sex partner or ip you partner e gad sex lor nutha pipol. You can gedder syphilis gen.

Where can I get help and advice?

You can get help from:

  • a doctor
  • a sexual health clinic
  • community health service
  • family planning centres

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